Irreconcilable Temperatures: Episode 1 - Up, Down. Hot, Cold. Love Takes Energy.

Written by: Bobby Veit on Jun 19th 2013

Presenting NYSERDA’s newest web series, Irreconcilable Temperatures. The five episode series details the adventures of a comical thirty-something New York State couple in their quest to make their first home more comfortable and their energy costs more affordable. 

As with many couples, Russell and Wendy each want to get their own way. Wendy likes the house toasty warm. Russell wants to save money on energy bills. Then one of them had an idea. Let's upgrade their home's energy efficiency. Will the couple ever find a way to agree? Watch Irreconcilable Temperatures, episode 1: "Hot. Cold. Love takes energy." Brought to you by NYSERDA's Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program

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