Host a Home Energy Party!

Written by: Lauren Brois on Sep 6th 2017

Neighbor recommendations are great  endorsements  for Energizebecause they greatly encourage other homeowners to Energize.  

Steps to Hosting an Energize Party

A homeowner who has completed the upgrade work invites 15-20 of their friends/neighbors to join them to hear about their personal experience and results - and to learn from Energize Staff and Energize Partners about the program.  This has also been successful and has led to multiple sign ups. We also find it beneficial to invite local “stuck” folks. Energize can ID other people in the town that may be stuck at a certain stage and help the homeowner invite them to the event.

1.    Set a date for your Living Room Event.

2. Send out a invitation to your friends and neighbors!   A template for invites can be provided.

3. Energize will purchase some light  refreshments 

4. Enjoy sharing your Energize story with other community members!