Comfort Corps Contractor Spotlight: Bruni & Campisi, Inc.

Written by: Alice Quinn on Apr 21st 2016

We interviewed Vince Hannigan, the Home Performance Coordinator at Bruni&Campisi asked him a few questions about being in the Energy Efficiency Business:


ENERGIZE (ENY): How long have you been in the business, and what led you here?

B&C: We have been in the Plumbing, Heating, and Air conditioning business for 30 years.  We started our Home Performance Division and Insulation company 7 years ago. 

ENY:  How does Energize NY factor into the work you do?

B&C: Energize NY helps to bring us customers that are serious about taking the step towards energy efficiency.

ENY:  What’s the secret to your success?

B&C: Performing good quality work with good customer service.  We have an excellent reputation and we provide our customers with a “one stop shop” that can handle everything. 

ENY: What is the best part of being a Home Performance with Energy Star Contractor?

B&C: Being able to help people meet their needs and show them how to make their homes safer, more comfortable, and more energy efficient.  With the financing available and rebates through NYSERDA, we are able to show them that they can do these things at an affordable cost.

ENY: When you walk into a customer’s home, what is the first thing you notice?

B&C: The age of the home.  The age of the home can tell a lot.  I look to see if there are any signs of previous remodeling or expansions to the original home.

ENY: What was one of your most rewarding jobs?

B&C: There are multiple jobs that are rewarding.  My favorite is Assisted Home Performance Jobs.  I love being able to help someone that really needs it.  When someone needs a new boiler and we can get 50% of the cost covered; that helps, especially for someone with low income.   Being able to help someone in need is a great felling at the end of the day.  So there isn’t one particular job that’s my favorite, it’s all the jobs I have ever done through the Assisted Program.

ENY: Anything else you’d like to add?

B&C: We look forward to working with new customers.  Give us a call! We are always here.