Comfort Corps Contractor Spotlight: BrightHome Energy Solutions

Written by: Alice Quinn on Mar 22nd 2016

This month, we are featuring BrightHome Energy Solutions!


Cilck here to watch BrightHome in action and meet the team behind their work!

We interviewed Tom Brown, Vice President of Sales at BrightHome and asked him a few questions about being in the Energy Efficiency Business:

Energize NY (ENY): How long have you been in business and what led you here?

BH: As homeowners and parents we were concerned about our impact on the environment and the rising cost of energy. We discovered that with a relatively small investment we could make a dramatic difference in our energy usage. This discovery was the birthplace of BrightHome. Since 2009 we have helped over 800 Westchester homeowners reduce their energy consumption and energy costs, and have made their homes more comfortable.  In 2015 alone, our customers reduced their carbon foot print by over 525 tons. 

ENY: How does Energize NY factor into the work you do?

BH: Energize NY is a tremendous partner to work with throughout Westchester County.  The educational outreach and awareness that Energize NY creates in communities provides a seamless transition with BrightHome and the solutions we provide for Westchester County homeowners. 

ENY: What’s the secret to your success?

BH: The secret to our success has truly been the relationships developed between our energy efficiency team and our customers.  We are all committed to reducing the energy consumed in Westchester County.

ENY: What is the best part of being a Home Performance with Energy Star Contractor?

BH: The best part of being a Home Performance with Energy Star contractor is having a community of like minded customers and contractors to push ourselves to be better.

ENY: When you walk into a customer’s home, what is the first thing you notice?

BH: Typically, smiling faces!  And homeowners who want to reduce the energy consumed in their homes.

ENY: What was one of your most rewarding jobs?

BH: One of our most rewarding projects was a home built in the 1940’s with very little insulation, (not to mention a lack of air sealing since a majority of homes constructed even today have no air sealing at all), a 60 year old boiler, and outdated hot water heater.  The customer made the commitment to completely air seal and insulate her home (basement, exterior walls and attic),and to replace her boiler & hot water heater with high efficiency boiler properly sized for her newly air sealed and insulated home, and an indirect hot water heater.  The energy reduction was 75%!  (Because her energy usage was so drastically reduced we received a call from her in December wondering if her boiler was working properly since she hadn’t heard it running all the time like the old boiler did!!)

Looking to get in touch with BrightHome Energy Solutions? Click here for a link to their full Contractor Profile.