2018 Annual Meeting

Written by: Lauren Brois on May 14th 2018

Thank you to all our Members and supporters who attended our Annual Meeting on April 4th.  Members traveled from as far as Montgomery and Broome Counties, with others including Wyoming County and Oneida City participating via video.  The Members elected five Directors to the Board: Broome County Executive Jason Garnar, City of Peekskill Mayor Andre Rainey, Madison County Administrator Mark Scimone, Dutchess County Finance Commissioner Heidi Seelbach, and City of Rye Administrator Marcus Serrano.  They will serve alongside current Board members Chris Burdick, Town of Bedford Supervisor, Dana Levenberg, Town of Ossining Supervisor, and Warren Lucas, Town of North Salem Supervisor.  

EIC staff reviewed accomplishments from 2017, such as amendments to the NYS PACE law (Article 5-L) and our Members’ local laws that will make Commercial PACE financing more accessible. Director of Business Development Susan Morth presented initiatives to create new PACE products that will help drive project growth.  Board Director Chris Burdick made the case for Members to fund Energize Residential programs in their communities, and Board Chair Charles B. Strome III, City Manager of New Rochelle, encouraged Members to participate in an EIC survey of our municipalities’ building stock to help steer project developers’ investments. 

“Looking back over the past year, EIC has made a lot of progress in expanding the program and creating a better product,” said Mr. Strome. “The new pathways introduced at the Annual Meeting will do even more to improve the building stock in New York. I’m also excited that we’re seeing new Members come in across the State, which is being reflected in the geographic makeup of our Board.”  

View the 2018 Annual Meeting Power Point presentation. 

Next year’s Annual Meeting has been scheduled for April 3, 2019.  Save the Date!