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Updates To PACE Guidelines »

Written by: Lily McLoughlin on Sep 4th 2018

On June 1st, NYSERDA released new Commercial PACE Guidelines that make it easier for property owners and the energy professionals that service them to qualify projects for Energize NY PACE financing.  The new guidelines introduce three changes in particular that expand the opportunities for clean energy upgrades by making PACE more readily available.

Pump Up The Cool! (And The Heat) »

Written by: Lily McLoughlin on Sep 4th 2018

At the recent NEEP Renewable Heating and Cooling Workshop, NYSERDA’s CEO Alicia Barton discussed the importance of scaling the use of both ground and air source heat pumps to helping achieve New York State carbon emission reduction goals. Ground source heat pumps (GSHP) transfer thermal energy from below the earth’s surface to heat or cool a building without any additional fuel and zero emissions. Air source heat pumps (ASHP) are similar, transferring heat between the inside of a building and the outside air, resulting in a comfortable indoor environment. Energize NY PACE financing, combined with incentives, makes these heat pumps more affordable. 

Backyard Beekeeping »

Written by: Lauren Brois on Jun 7th 2018

Thinking about beekeeping? Click for a profile of Karen Sabath, a backyard beekeeper and learn how to get started with your own hive!

2018 Annual Meeting »

Written by: Lauren Brois on May 14th 2018

Looking back over the past year, EIC has made a lot of progress in expanding the program and creating a better product. Click for more!

Senior Living Community Lights the Way »

Written by: Lauren Brois on Jan 24th 2018

“Energize NY PACE Financing allowed us to replace thousands of light fixtures in the interior and exterior of our 30-acre senior living community.  Our residents are delighted with the improved lighting that adds so much to their comfort and security.  They are also very proud to be part of an energy saving initiative that is so significant in preserving resources for the broader community as well as for their children and grandchildren,” added Sister Lauren Van Dermark, project coordinator.

Energize NY at the Better Buildings Summit! »

Written by: Lauren Brois on May 23rd 2017

Lauren Brois, Director of Energize NY’s Homeowner Program, was a featured speaker at the Better Buildings Summit on May 17th in Washington D.C.  as part of a the session “In Concert:  Orchestrating the Energy Efficiency Message.”

Energize Ossining Recognition Event »

Written by: Lauren Brois on Oct 14th 2015

Ossining Town Supervisor Susanne Donnelly, Ossining Village Mayor Victoria Gearity, Town Board Members and Green Ossining recognized 26 Ossining residents for making their homes more energy efficient and reducing energy waste. 

Energize NY Makes Solar Work for Ossining Small Business »

Written by: Heather Flournoy on Sep 30th 2015

PRESS RELEASE: Today Ossining Town Supervisor Susanne Donnelly and 25 local leaders and business owners celebrated the first solar installation by a local business as part of the Solarize Ossining-Briarcliff campaign.  The new solar panels on the roof of Terra Tile & Marble’s 30,000 square foot headquarters in the Town of Ossining are supplying nearly 100% of Terra Tile’s electricity needs. This project was made possible with financing provided by Energize NY (PACE) Finance, which offers low-cost, long-term financing for energy efficiency improvements and renewable energy installations, like the solar panels at Terra Tile.

Westchester Leaders Celebrate Energize NY’s Financing of Affordable Housing Energy Upgrades »

Written by: Heather Flournoy on Jul 21st 2015

46 people attended the July 20th press event with where Debbie Haglund, the Executive Director of A-HOME; Kevin Plunkett, Deputy Westchester County Executive; Warren Lucas, Supervisor of North Salem and Kathryn Hoenig, Chief Operating Officer of Energize NY spoke to a crowd that included press, local building owners, board members of the Energy Improvement Corporation and A-HOME Housing, PACEnow--the national PACE advocacy program, Healthy Home Energy Consulting, 2 Weschester County legislators and representatives from NYSERDA's multifamily programs and from First Niagara Financial Group. 

Energy Improvement Corporation Announces 1st NY State PACE Financing »

Written by: Heather Flournoy on Apr 14th 2015

The Energy Improvement Corporation held a press event Monday, April 13th at the site of 5 Spoke Creamery Farm's solar installation to announce the completion of the first commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing in New York State, a milestone for its Energize NY Finance program and its partners Orange County, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (“NYSERDA”),..

NYSERDA Announces Partnership to Bring Clean Energy Financing Program to New York State Businesses »

Written by: Heather Flournoy on Jul 16th 2014

Energy Improvement Corporation and NYSERDA Partner to Enable Commercial PACE Financing to Channel Low-Cost Capital to Fund Clean Energy Projects Across New York State

NYSERDA Press Release, July 15, 2014 The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has announced a new partnership that will expand innovative clean energy project financing to all of New York State for commercial, industrial and multifamily buildings to help them become more competitive and cost effective by decreasing their energy costs.

Neuhaus Announces Program to Help Orange County Commercial Property Owners Reduce Energy Costs »

Written by: Heather Flournoy on Jul 15th 2014

Neuhaus Announces Program to Help Orange County Commercial Property Owners Reduce Energy Costs 
First County in State to Launch Energize NY 
Goshen, NY – The launch of Energize NY in Orange County was announced by County Executive Steve 
Neuhaus at the OC Chamber of Commerce breakfast in Middletown recently. In his July 10 remarks, Neuhaus explained that the launch of Energize NY in Orange County, the first county in New York State to adopt the program, would help commercial property owners directly address rising operating costs by providing critical 
support, tools, and long-term financing to implement clean-energy upgrades for their buildings. Watch the launch announcement of Energize NY in Orange County here

Homeowners: Fight High Cost Energy Bills This Summer »

Written by: Bobby Veit on Jul 23rd 2013

Why are PCs like air conditioners? They quit working properly when you open Windows. Get it? But when all your windows are closed and the AC still isn’t working properly, it doesn’t seem funny anymore. Thousands of Westchester homes are so leaky, that even when windows are tightly shut, the AC (air conditioning) is working in overdrive to compensate for the escaping air. It probably seems your electric company is playing the joke on you when you get the monthly bill. So what can you do to make AC affordable, even on the most sweltering summer days?

Pound Ridge Resident Shaves off Nearly 1/3 of Home Fuel Oil Consumption Using Energize NY! »

Written by: Bobby Veit on Jun 3rd 2013

When homes lack proper insulation, they cease to be boxes and instead become sieves, porous containers that leak inside air out, and outside air in.  You may be thinking “Great!  Now the birds, bees, and all other manner of woodland creatures can enjoy my air conditioning with me, and the world will be a happier place!”  I need you to banish these ideas from your mind.  Trust me; your wallet and the environment will thank you for it.

Ossining WWII Veteran Recipient of Free Home Energy Makeover »

Written by: Bobby Veit on May 10th 2013

Ossining, NY. WWII veteran Victor Paolantonio will receive a home energy makeover next week when a group of local certified energy efficiency contractors join together to retrofit his 61 year old home. The retrofit will save approximately 50% of his heating costs. All of this work will be done at no cost to Mr. Paolantonio.

The Bedford 2020 Car Show: Hot Cars for a Cooler Tomorrow »

Written by: Bobby Veit on Apr 5th 2013

New York State’s First Fuel Efficient Car Show: This Car Show will present the “future” today. From fuel efficient hybrids to electric cars and electricity sources that provide a future “free from fossil fuels”, our goal is to show attendees the transportation revolution that is happening today. Attendees will have the unique chance to experience and drive the latest in Electric, Hybrid and Electric/Hybrid vehicles on the market – all in one place! We want them to leave the show with compelling information that will influence their next purchase decision towards an energy-efficient or alternative-energy vehicle.

Can you beat this return on investment? »

Written by: Bobby Veit on Jan 15th 2013

A compelling article from Brian Kaminer at the NewCastleNOW website showing how improving your home energy efficiency may be one of the best investments you can make.  Brain shares his experience and his actual energy usage numbers to create a practical example of how you can save money, make your home more comfortable and increase its overall market value. Enjoy!

Energize NY gets busy in Westchester with 6 Upcoming Events »

Written by: Bobby Veit on Dec 15th 2012

Westchester residents are becoming more and more familiar with seeing Energize NY’s bright green banners at community events throughout the county. This weekend will be no exception, as Energize Towns plan to exhibit energy efficiency information at 6 events this weekend and next week.

Introducing Energize’s New Staff Members »

Written by: Bobby Veit on Sep 13th 2012

As everybody knows, September is international square dance month. Here at Energize NY, we’ve decided to honor this special occasion by adding a few more dance partners to the Energize NY office. Now we can finally do-si-do comfortably. In addition to Tom Bregman (Executive Director/Dance Captain), there are some special new additions to our energy experts.

Don’t Be Surprised By The Stack Attack »

Written by: Bobby Veit on Jun 12th 2012

Summer is the perfect time to get your home "Energized" so you can save on those air conditioning costs. Air sealing and proper insulation are essential defenses to safeguard your home from the 'stack attack.'

Spring Fever: Don’t Throw Caution To The Wind On Windows »

Written by: Bobby Veit on May 3rd 2012

It’s almost that time of year again — the season we all engage in the annual rituals of spring-cleaning. Window replacements are a popular home improvement for owners gearing their houses for the change of season, but there are several reasons to be cautious before making an investment that could take decades to pay back.

Leading by Example »

Written by: Bobby Veit on Apr 4th 2012

At the March 29th Regional Leadership Summit 66 area community leaders took the pledge to Lead by Example and get a home energy effiency assessment completed through the Energize New York program.

Warmer winters: Don’t get too comfortable »

Written by: Bobby Veit on Mar 12th 2012

Homeowners are better able to cope with rising gas prices and the “pain at the pump” as a result of warmer temperatures and lower home heating costs, but I caution homeowners to be wary of this trend. There’s no guarantee that our winters, especially here in New York, won’t return to their typical routine of heavy snowfalls and frigid temperatures.

5 Reasons to Love New York’s Newest Incentive »

Written by: Bobby Veit on Feb 6th 2012

New York State’s newest financing program makes it even easier and cheaper to get money from the state to pay for work that will make your home more energy efficient, comfortable, and cheaper to live in.  The program is called On-Bill financing, and the idea behind it is simple: New York will pay an energy efficiency professional to do approved work on your home, and you pay that money back at a super low rate through a monthly charge added to your utility bill.

Questions from a hesitant homeowner »

Written by: Bobby Veit on Dec 8th 2011

Dear Energize,

I’m definitely interested in having my home assessed and maybe even in making some improvements. But with winter on the horizon, have I missed the window of opportunity for this year?  I’m worried that it’s harder to do an assessment in winter, and that it may be inconvenient. Can they even measure my home’s energy use when it’s cold outside?  Are these silly questions?

Hesitant Homeowner, Katonah

See our answer in this article!

Trust Your Neighbors »

Written by: Bobby Veit on Dec 6th 2011

It’s been a liitle over a year since I was hired to run to the Energize program.  In that time I’ve spoken to literally hundreds of homeowners looking to reduce energy waste, save money on energy bills and make their homes more comfortable.  So why then are many homeowners still waiting to get going?