The Bedford 2020 Car Show: Hot Cars for a Cooler Tomorrow

Apr 28th 2013
Grand Prix New York at the Park 333 North Bedford Road Mt. Kisco, NY, 10549
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The Bedford 2020 Car Show: Hot Cars for a Cooler Tomorrow

New York State’s First Fuel Efficient Car Show: This Car Show will present the “future” today. From fuel efficient hybrids to electric cars and electricity sources that provide a future “free from fossil fuels”, our goal is to show attendees the transportation revolution that is happening today. Attendees will have the unique chance to experience and drive the latest in Electric, Hybrid and Electric/Hybrid vehicles on the market – all in one place! We want them to leave the show with compelling information that will influence their next purchase decision towards an energy-efficient or alternative-energy vehicle.

The Bedford 2020 Car show will feature: Ride and Drive - the chance to see, experience and get behind the wheel of brand new Electric, Hybrid and Electric/Hybrid vehicles… an Owner’s Corner where owners of electric, hybrid and electric/hybrid cars can speak about the advantages of their cars…Interactive Demonstrations and Displays of electric charging stations, solar carports, and conversion cars… Displays of Cutting edge Municipal and Corporate Fleet Vehicles - from electric to biofuel with specific data about cost savings… Music, food, entertainment… and more!

RSVP Phone: (914) 620-2411